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Researched & Tested

The EasyCurl™ Iron comes to you following careful research by our Master Hairstylists and amazing feedback from the customer beta trials.


RunwayTools© is proud to offer you a fashion tool that allows you to control your hair from relaxed to firm. Enjoy the daily curls you always desired, lasting 24 hours!

Style Like a Pro

 Custom Grip  gives your thumb the ability to effortlessly rotate the barrel and keep your hand free from burns.


 360° Swivel Cord  allows you the freedom to move around and be creative with your styling.


Here's What Our Customers Are Saying...


 Ceramic Ion Technology  distributes heat evenly, allowing you to keep that beautiful bounce without damaging your hair.


 Automatic Shutdown  after 60 minutes keeps you and your loved ones safe from accidents.

 LED Display  will let you know the temperature of your EasyCurl™ at all times. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celcius.


Safe & Fun to Use

Larry Hamilton

I have been a Master Hairstylist for 20 years, and I can tell you that the EasyCurl™ iron is an absolute game-changer.

As someone who is curling and styling all day, I need a tool that will be comfortable for my wrist, easy to control, and reliable. The results I am getting from the EasyCurl™ Iron are perfect for the fashion looks of the day.

Hillary F.

The EasyCurl™ Iron has helped me achieve those messy beach wave curls, that I thought were only possible in a hair salon. I can tell a lot of thought went into this iron because it is super easy to use, and shaves a lot of time off my morning routine.

Sonia H.

I bought the EasyCurl™ Iron as a present to myself. That is until my 16-year-old got a hold of it. I ended up getting another one for the house. We take them with us on every vacation, and they’ve certainly taken a beating in our suitcases. Still working great!

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